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My ESL Journey

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Hello and welcome to my world as an ESL teacher. Princetta Maria is my name. You are welcome to call me by my middle name as well; I've discovered that it makes certain people feel more comfortable. I instruct ESL students. Despite spending 20 years as a teacher in the public and private sectors, I have been teaching ESL courses for four years now. I hold TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) and TEYL (Teaching English to Young Learners) certifications. This journey will be an exciting one.

Early Life and Desire to Teach

At 16, I began preaching and teaching in the church. I wanted to be like my father, an outstanding teacher, and preacher. He was an Overseer with many interests, one of which was to be a lifelong learner. His major was in Human Resources, and so was mine. After working in management, circumstances forced me to pray when I was 24 years old and consider returning to school. Eventually, I returned to school and began to teach. While interesting, my transition from business to education places me in a distinct niche. Educationally, I spent nine years learning online and went to five different online universities. So, this gives me a unique perspective on how the curriculum, teacher, and length of the program can impact a student, particularly online.

What this Blog Will be About

Robyn's Nest, the blog's name, will look at subjects related to English as a Second Language because it is an extensive area. This blog will include advice for novice teachers embarking upon their ESL journey. Helpful hints and tips related to the world of ESL teaching with some websites and apps might prove beneficial. Classes teachers can take to sharpen their skills and so much more!


Although the ESL path has its difficulties, it is rewarding. I've enjoyed working with students, and my experiences have improved my understanding of them. To be ready for effective outcomes, I have also learned a great deal about teaching in general. A community of ESL teachers will grow due to the opportunity to share, ask questions, and interact. Please stop by if you are ever in this blogosphere area; we would love to have you. Until we speak again, enjoy the journey.

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