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Bishop Henry and Clara Laverne

English School of Learning, LLC 

is the namesake of the parents of the Principal and CEO of the company, Dr. Princetta M. Furman. Bishop Furman was called into the ministry in 1970, shortly before he married Mother Clara Furman. Eventually, the Lord directed Bishop Furman to establish the New Jerusalem Apostolic Faith Church, Inc., where he later became the Overseer. They worked inexhaustibly for the Lord within the local church and community. Their benevolent devotion and commitment to the Holy Ghost undergirded their labor in the vineyard through many trials and tribulations. 

Bishop and Mother Furman loved God and the people and worked diligently to spread the Word and feed, clothe, and shelter the poor. Numerous miracles were wrought within the ministry that paralleled the work accomplished during biblical times. Therefore, in dedication to this devout man and woman of God, this online English as a Second Language (ESL) school honors the life, memory, and legacy of these beautiful, God-fearing, influential, tireless leaders and champions for the mighty work of Jesus Christ.  

After Mother Clara Furman passed away, Bishop Furman continued his educational journey as a lifelong learner entering two Ph.D. programs at 70 years old. His passion for learning, and love of children, has garnered an international family of learners of all ages and nationalities. Desiring to continue his legacy, the ESL online school aims to carry the torch of broadening the educational horizon of all its student.  


About Our Courses

Our classes range from 30 minutes to an hour. We also have a Business English Program and Grammar Program.

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