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The Value of Bishop Henry and Clara LaVerne English School of Learning

Let’s Succeed Together

What we do

Teaching with Purpose

The Bishop Henry & Clara LaVerne English School of Learning offers English as a Second Language (ESL) courses for kids and teens (ages 3 to 18) prepare them for a successful future in English. 


About our courses

Learn about our course offerings from the Children's ESL Program 1, Children's ESL Program 2, and Teenagers' ESL Program. Our classes range from 30 minutes to an hour. We also have a Business English Program and Grammar Program. These programs begin with children as young as four years old and continue with young adults and adults. 

Get to Know Us

Students may enroll in two to five classes each week, but during the summer and winter breaks, many enroll in more extended intensive programs that last five to 25 hours per week. Learners' English skills rapidly advance with the aid of these courses. They can study alone with a teacher, in groups with friends or siblings, or in more extensive classes with other students.

* If you are interested in larger groups of students, please notify the instructor before booking a class at